About us

Creation and implementation

No one would leave their homeland without need – short sentence, big effect.

This statement by Ulrike Minkenberg (citizen of Hückelhoven) and the intention behind it got the ball rolling at the end of 2013. In 2014, the idea of supporting refugees resulted in the "refugee sponsors Hückelhoven", an association of volunteers and full-time employees who set out their goal of “moving a lot together!” in a cooperation agreement (cooperation partners).

The voluntary refugee sponsors Hückelhoven helped the refugees to settle and find their way  in their new environment. This was done through personal care and support in everyday life, with the permanent intention of helping people to help themselves in order to be able to live their future lives in a self-determined and independent way. Our volunteers are and have always been supported by our cooperation partners, who trained, cared for and accompanied them.


During the first 5 years we all gained a lot of experience - a lot of positive things have always encouraged us in our work, but we also had to accept a number of setbacks. According to the saying "Standing still means going backwards", we have constantly developed our project, reflected on it, reacted to current developments, put measures to the test and developed new ideas. So, in 2020 we started a new initiative named “Hückelhoven helps”. Since then we have been offering a new way of support and opened our doors for all people living in the Hückelhoven area.


We are a strong network of full-time employees and volunteers. Therefore, the official renaming of  "Initiative" to "Network Hückelhoven helps" will take place in 2023.

We have a ready ear for all problems and look for solutions together. This also includes referral to the competent authorities.

Together we cook, sew, bake, celebrate, repair and even go on excursions.

We support you in learning German and are always open to new ideas. Our services are always geared to the current needs of the people in Hückelhoven.